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Linda Ross

I spoke with Linda's sister about Linda's death. Linda Ross died on May 2, 2011 in Arvada, Colorado. Apparently she had been quite sick for some time and suffered a heart attack. Apparently, there was no obituary published.

Bob Hotchkiss

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07/26/14 05:12 AM #1    

Jackie Judd

I am so sorry to hear about Linda's death. We were great friends in the ninth grade, and I regret not naving the opportunity to reunite with her.

07/26/14 02:07 PM #2    

Eileen Parker (Kizer)

I was sorry to hear about Linda Ross.   I also remember our 9th grade, especially with Miss Richmond who was our Algebra teacher!   It turned out my oldest brother married Miss Richmond's niece....small world!

07/26/14 03:17 PM #3    

Kathleen Parker (Durrwachter)

I was going to post the same thing but the other TWIN did it FIRST..  Aunt Georgie, as we fondly call Miss Richman would tell Linda to "unroll her skirt" when she walked into class!! Aunt Georgia was a force to be messed  with, as she stood over 6' tall before she had her 3" combat boots on..

07/26/14 07:59 PM #4    

Mary Carey (O'Day)

I lived down the street from Linda. We were close in grade school but drifted apart when we went to junior high. I was really looking forward to getting together with her at the reunion. I guess this is a lesson to us all not to put important thing off. Lots of good memories. Goodbye Linda

07/28/14 10:56 PM #5    

Kathy Kaller (Bish)

I, too, was so sorry to hear about Linda.  We had a good visit at the 46th reunion. 

I was in Girl Scouts and at Mt. pleasant school  with her and we had a great time in grade school.  Camping at Cedarledge in tents was a lasting memory.  I'll always remember Linda with fond memories. 

07/30/14 10:27 AM #6    

Susan Knapp (Meredith)

Linda and I were pretty close friends in elementary school and were seperated in 5th grade, not only at school, but in Sunday School too.  It seems our teachers spent a lot of time "discussing our behavior" with our parents.  By the time we got to Junior High she turned into an early young teenager and I was still a little girl. Our mothers were friends and we did, sort of, keep in touch over the years.  

Class reunions helped and sometimes she would stay at our house.

I visited her in California in 1981 and she was just begining her very successful courier career. Her son and my daughter were both 11 at the time and it was fun watching their 4 day romance.  We enjoyed it for years.  They were so serious.  She was a great hostess and everyone had a great time at Marine Land and Disney Land.  

Her business, Pegasus, did very well.  Linda handled all of the sales and her partner Richard Mairena ran the office.  She was always a good leader and people generally found her likeable and fun to be around.  Add the fact that she was very smart and the business blossomed.  Linda and Richard married and lived in what one could call the fast lane, working hard and playing hard, huge home, fancy cars, fancy trips...

When her company was new and growing she provided jobs for her younger sisters.  When her mother was a victim of Alzeheimer's she spent time with her listening to music her mother danced to when she was young.  Linda loved and cared deeply for her family.  

She wanted her son John to get a degree in finance so he could take over her business and sent him to his school of choice in Boulder. But he chose to work the ski patrol while in college and later became a firefighter.  Her daughter Stacy also attended Boulder.  When Linda's marriage crashed along with her busiess she moved to Arvada just outside of Denver to be close to her children.

A few years later in 2002 we were traveling to Colorado and I called my mother who called Linda's Dad and discovered Linda was indeed in the Denver area so we met in Boulder for lunch.  She had gone through a difficut divorce with her second husband, Richard.  She no longer lived in a 10,000+ sq.ft. house or drove her Mercedes.  She lived in a small apartment and worked as a receptionist.  

The day after our 46th class reunion we went for a drive to her old neighborhood. As it happened the people who now live in the house she grew up in were out in the driveway.  We stopped to look at the house and were given a tour of the home as it is now.  Yes, it has a front porch.  She loved it.  The people were very kind and interested in hearing about the history of the neighborhhood.  Linda, of course, loved telling them her stories.  She was very interested and throughly enjoyed the visit.

Linda's life had many good, happy times as well as times when thngs were ...lets just say not so good.  I will never forget her embarassment of having people come to the back door of her house as the front porch never was built.  Maybe that is what drove her to achive the financial success she did.  Unfortunately the higher you fly the harder you fall.  In spite of all her ups and downs she always treated everyone with the same respect and dignity.  That is admirable.  

07/31/14 12:50 PM #7    

Donald Singer

I read with interest the wonderful tales of Linda's life.  I transferred to Pattonville in my senior year so it was a tough transition.  The only person in the class I had known before was Doug Bensinger who went to Sunday School with me.  I was so naive.  Linda sat right behind me in Mr. Eaton's class.  She was cute so we used to talk on a daily basis.  Her hair was a beautiful silver.  I asked her if that was her natural color....she practically fell out of her seat laughing because she knew I was not trying to be a smart ass.  She was one of the first friends in my new high school home.  I found Pattonville to have an amazing diversity of personalities and talented individuals. I am sorry so many of them are not around, but Linda has a special place for me at a very hard time. Don

07/31/14 04:09 PM #8    

Kathleen Parker (Durrwachter)

Don, you played a big part in the "mock" convention, the first in Pattonvilles history!!! I hope we treated you well to the seinor class!!  You blended in very well as Maryland Hts school merged with Pattonville that year so you had were in good company!!  I think Linda Singer transfered from Ladue as well.

08/01/14 12:14 AM #9    

Rose Mary Edwards (Trigg)

Thank you Susan for all the insite on Linda Ross - over the years I have often thought of all my childhood classmates - I remember Linda's winning smile the most - I was just looking at a picture of Linda, Tom and I, when we were in the 5th grade, dressed in our crowns at the Mt. Pleasant School Fair.  Wish I could have been at the last reunion so I could have visited with her.

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